Descriptions of some of the Costumes

Studio: Universal Pictures
Costume Designer: Gabriella Pesucci and Carlo Poggioli
Costume Era: Transylvania, Late 19th Century.

Kate Beckinsale (Anna Valerious, ball sequence):
Coral Duponi ballgown with boned bodice and trained skirt featuring trim of dimensional braid and embroidery, mask with ruby colored stones and crown.

Shuler Hensley(Frankenstein's Monster):
Overscale hooded coat of pieced leather hides with exaggerated hand stitched seams, two wooden stake closures and one buckle closure, shoes with coated resin toe-boxes .

Will Kemp (Velkan Valerious, Werewolf):
Shredded shirt of raw silk, shredded trousers.

David Wenham (Carl):
Wough weave monastic habit with hooded robe and basked weave mantle fastened with a band.

Hugh Jackman (Van Helsing):
Fedora with large brim, bandana / face mask with stitched starburst motif, grey knit turtleneck sweater, leather vest with five metal clasps, watch chain with religous charms, leather coat with cape, lace front boots with belt wraps.

Kate Beckinasla (Anna):
Cottom blouse with Transylvanian embroidery in red, leather corset, teal silk velvet bolero jacket with embroidery and slit cuffs, black stretch oants, thigh high suede boots, short sleeve coat with fur trim and braided frogs.

Kevin J. O'Connor (Igor):
Brown shirt with collar, cassock coat with center front buttons and bellows pockets, short double breasted vest with leather hide buttons, hooded coat with rows of suede and braid trim.

Silvia Colloca (Verona):
Vampire dress of green ombre-dye primitive pleated silk with sleeve wings, torso of nude color netting with white and clear beads. Elizabethan inspired wire collar of nude netting, beads and crystal sheer pleated ruff, earrings wired stiff to remain pointed down during aerial sequences.

Elena Anaya (Aleera):
Vampire dress of pink ombre-dye primitive pleated silk with sleeve wings, torso of nude colored netting, embellished with white and clear beads, choker necklace of pink beads, earrings wired stiff ti remain pointing dopwn during aerial sequences.

Richard Roxburgh (Dracula):
All black Hussar style coat with black millitary frog closures, black cossack style coat with braid closures, black 2 tier cape with standing collar, braid and knot closures, copper/Aubergine crystal sheer lining.

Josie Maran (Marishka):
Vampire harem-style costume with bodice, metallic gold and white gauze draped trousers with V-shaped hip yoke, metallic gold and white gauze sleeve/wings.